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British Railway Clock fakes and Reproductions

This is the Railway clocks fake and reproductions page, it will give you an insight into what some unscrupulous people are trying to sell and have sold !

If you have any images of suspect clocks then you are welcome to email them to me and if they prove to be wrong then I will feature them on here.

The Images below are of Fake Railway Clocks that have been sold on the internet , these are all old clocks that have been altered to deceive the buyer into thinking they were originally used on our railways.

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Fake Railway Clocks

Reproduction Railway Clocks

The Images below are of Reproduction Railway Clocks that have been sold on the internet , these are all modern clocks that have produced in India and China some have had their dials re written to try and deceive further. All have the same movement number and these are stamped 6472 LONDON, other characteristics are very thick glass in the cast brass bezel which normally is hinged to the left hand side.

Latest News

Buyer Beware !

It has come to the attention of myself and others that someone is reproducing LB&SCR enamel number plates and Cast brass holding rings, these were only applied to a few LBSCR clocks and a very small number of clocks survive with original plates.

The same person appears to be stamping numbers into back boxes, branding SER into back boxes and applying brass number plates to SER clocks.

Most of these have appeared for sale on ebay and have been sold, I have personally seen two examples and they are wrong, this has also been confirmed by other experts who have seen them and similar.

Advice is free !

If you see a clock that you would like my honest opinion of then please feel free to contact me, this is a free service.

Reproduction fusee clocks.

Modern reproduction fusee clocks have been sold on the internet and at general auction sales for the last decade or so, most have been produced in India / China and the Indian ones are shockingly bad! the Chinese slightly better, most have the movement stamped 6472 London these are sometimes heavily aged so just be aware. They are worth around £50-100.

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