The British Railway Clock Specialist

Wanted – Exchanges

Clocks and enamel signs wanted for my own collection

Station enamel totem signs especially

Clock House, Cheltenham Spa, Bath, Bristol, Gloucester, Highbridge, York, Brighton, Tavistock, Bude, Waterloo, Kings Cross, Paddington, Coventry, Birmingham or why for purchase or exchange for Railway Clocks.

British Railway Station enamel signs, doorplates, direction signs etc.

Southern Railway enamel station name signs (Targets) from Dorset, Hampshire, Sussex, Devon, Cornwall and the Isle of Wight.

Any John Walker Railway Clocks, especially Southern examples, S.R. BR(S)

GWR Railway Clocks especially ones with drops to the bottom of the case.

Any 12inch, 14inch, 16inch drop dial fusee railway clocks, and also wall mounted weight driven examples.

Swap / Exchange

I am willing to exchange Railway clocks for these type of station signs these are British Railway Totem vitreous enamel station signs and show you all six regional colours and the Black and white version.

Wanted for my own collection Enamels & Isle of Wight Posters

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