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South Eastern Railway 10 inch dial Mahogany cased fusee drop dial clock Ex New Cross.

10-inch Mahogany cased iron dial clock with drop to the case and a cast brass bezel manufactured for the South Eastern Railway circa 1860. The quality English fusee movement of typical London style has rectangular plates which are held together by turned tapered shouldered pillars, the back plate is stamped with the SER cartouche and the front plate has 114 scratched on it. A white enamel hand painted dial displaying bold Roman numerals and the legend, S.E.R. the rear of the dial also has 114 SR and 114 BR(S) written on it. A traditional English drop dial clock case manufactured from Mahogany with a one piece turned convex surround affixed to the back box by two battens with four tapered pegs, the back box is of traditional mid 19th century design with two side access door’s and a bottom door secured with a brass turn, the drop of the case features fine mahogany veneer and the rear of the case has been stamped 114 SE and branded SER, the side door retains its original SER brass numberplate 114. The Southern clock records show that this clock was originally supplied to New Cross station Main Line Inspectors office.  This important and rare clock has a whole page dedicated to it in the Railway clocks book by Ian P Lyman.


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