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Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway 12 inch dial mahogany cased fusee railway clock ex Mirfield.

Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway 12 inch oak cased English fusee railway clock supplied to the railway circa 1870 by Fattorini & Sons of Bradford. The quality English wire driven fusee movement in fully overhauled condition has rectangular plates with shaped shoulders and a rectangular cut out to the bottom these are held together by turned pillars. A Fine oak case with a 8 piece segmented convex and concave surround held onto the back box by four tapered pegs, the back box is of typical late 19th century design with one side door and a bottom door secured with a brass turn . An enamel painted iron dial with Roman numerals and bearing legend BR 16479 and visible as ghosted writing FATTORINI SONS BRADFORD L.Y.R. Co 2292. This is one of a number of clocks that were transferred over to the North Eastern Region of British Railways with the boundary changes in the 1950’s and appear in the LNER clock records which show that this clock was last in use at Mirfield  Motive Power Dept Accounts Office. An extremely rare LYR clock especially with the company notation of LYR Co (normally just plain LYR)

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